Little Pears Class

Welcome to Little Pears Class. We are a group of ten lovely children who love to play and explore! We provide play based learning alongside a semi-formal learning approach. We follow a curriculum called ‘Early Years Steps’ which is adapted from the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).


In addition to this, we participate in a variety of activities which include Handy Hands (fine motor activities); sensory cooking, art and sensory story.  We also go to the sensory room weekly and the sports hall for PE weekly. We love the outdoor environment and share the playground with little apples.

We are a total communication environment and are given the opportunity to use symbols, verbal communication or a personalised communication book throughout the day. We follow a structured snack time regime where we choose what we want using our preferred communication methods.

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Little Pears Class Staff

Mike Hobbs


Nadia Peregreen

Teaching Assistant

Emma Jenkins

Teaching Assistant

Ali Henschker

Teaching Assistant