In order to fulfil our aims, pupils are encouraged to develop a wide range of attitudes, values, knowledge and skills which include the confidence to make personal decisions and to improve self-esteem, adaptability, realism, creativity and tolerance. The requirements of the national curriculum and Religious Education are appropriately addressed according to pupils’ needs and understanding. Particular emphasis is placed upon the development of Personal, Social and Health Education and the development of Communication skills, Early Thinking skills, ICT and Mobility. The amount of time allocated to each of these curriculum areas is directly related to the needs of the individual pupil.

We have modified the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies within the school curriculum to accommodate the needs of our pupils.

All our pupils follow Programmes of Study appropriate to their age. However, the skills are selected from the Key Stage appropriate to individual levels of attainment. Pupils will be working on a developmental learning journey and their skills will be assessed using the NationalCurriculum and ‘P’ scales. The ‘P’ scales used can be accessed using the’P’ scale menu on the left.

Some lessons are dedicated to the teaching of a specific subject or group of subjects, but during these lessons, the staff will also seek to address the EHCP outcomes of individuals to ensure that each pupil’s priority needs are being properly addressed during the course of the lesson. Some pupils may be withdrawn from a lesson for short periods to enable them to participate in individual therapies and/or to benefit from the provision of a specialist-teaching environment such as the multi-sensory environment. Some teaching and therapies may be undertaken away from the school campus and these are always included as part of the teacher’s lesson planning and have an important role to play in ensuring that the learning environment for pupils is kept as effective as it can be. On occasion pupils from different classes may be grouped together for specific activities such as hydrotherapy and rebound therapy. Arrangements are always made to ensure that pupils benefit as much as possible from their time in school and that no pupil is ever disadvantaged.

Our pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties work on a Specialist Curriculum, concentrating on Early Thinking Skills, Communication and mobility. This is delivered both within and separately to the classroom, maximising the concentration levels of the individual pupils. Individual targets are precise and build in very small steps to ensure progress. The Speech and Language Therapist works closely with staff on Communication and the Occupational Therapist liaises with staff on mobility